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Welcome To The JEMS Manual!

The acronym JEMS stands for "Journal and Event Management System". The main objective of JEMS is to support the management of the paper review and publication for scientific events. For a general overview of JEMS functionalities consult this page JEMS overview.

User Registration: Before starting using JEMS all users need to register through the online Registration form, by providing basic registration information. After the registration the password is automatically sent to the user by email. Before starting to use the system it is highly recommended for users to read the General recommendations for users.

Using JEMS For My Event: If you are organizing and event and want to use JEMS for it learn how to do that on this page How to use JEMS for my event.

Frequent Asked Questions: If you have questions about the system please check our Frequent asked questions (FAQ) list before emailing the question to one of the JEMS administrators.

I Need Help: If you are already a registered user and your event is available in JEMS choose one of the options bellow that represents your role on the event to access the help pages:

Authors of papers: if you want information on how to submit your paper or upload your manuscript;

Paper reviewer: if you want information on how to inform your topic of interests, how to see the papers assigned to you, or how to input your reviews;

TPC chair: if you want information on the management of your conference;

Publication chair: if you are responsible for printing and organizing the proceedings of an event and want to access accepted papers information and download the files;

Session chair: if you are chairing a session in and event and want to access the manuscripts, author information, and reviews of the papers in your session.

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