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How To Use JEMS For My Event

JEMS is a service offered by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) to the chairs of conferences promoted by SBC. For those conferences not promoted by SBC but whose chairs are interested in using JEMS SBC charges USD 400.00 per JEMS entry and USD 50.00 per additional entry.

A JEMS entry is the term used to address the configuration of the system to host a conference. An additional entry refers to a sub-event of a main conference. Each entry is associated to a conference and to a set of program co-chairs. In addition, an SBC JEMS administrator is associated to a conference entry. This administrator helps the conference chair(s) in dealing with the system.

After opening the JEMS entries for an event SBC issues an international invoice in order to charge you for that. This invoice can be paid just before the conference's start.

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