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Help For Authors Of Papers

This page guides authors of papers of events registered on JEMS.

After registering on the system, any user is allowed to register papers on conferences accepting paper registration. The list of conferences accepting registration is displayed on the main page of JEMS after login. In order to submit papers user have to follow the following steps.

1. Click on the name of the event for which you want to submit a paper in the main JEMS page. This will redirect you to the event homepage in JEMS.

2. On the specific page of the event click on the orange button with the label "Submit paper":

3. Fill in the paper information in the registration form:
Author: the author surname or email as registered in JEMS. All paper authors must be registered in JEMS before the paper submission. JEMS allows a maximum of 8 authors per paper;
Paper title: the title of the paper;
Paper abstract: the abstract of the paper;
Paper topics: select the appropriate topics for the paper;
Track: select the appropriate submission track. If the conference has only one track this track is already select for you.

4. Click on the "Submit" button and you will see the confirmation of your paper registration;

5. In the confirmation page click in the upload manuscript link to upload the file containing your paper. The acceptable formats for the file are defined by the conference chair, e.g. PDF, PS, or DOC. You can also upload later the manuscript, see bellow.

Frequent Asked Questions For Authors

How To Upload The Paper Manuscript: access the home page of the conference in JEMS and you will see the list of your submissions. Click on the title of the paper you want to upload and look for the upload image in the yellow table.

How To Include Extra Files In My Submission: The chair of the event may define extra files that should also be uploaded during submission, for example, video and presentation files. This should be done following the same procedure described above for the Manuscript upload.

How To See The Status Of My Paper: You can check at any time the status of your paper in JEMS to see if it is under review or it has been accepted/rejected.

Where Can I See The Reviews Of My Paper: When made available by the Chair the reviews of the paper can be visualized just bellow the yellow table that displays your paper information.

How Can I Write A Rebuttal: rebuttal is a text written by the paper authors stating their counter argument for the reviewers of the papers. This option is not always used by the chairs of the event. In case the chair decides to use this, the option to write the rebuttal is available in the end of the page that shows your paper information in JEMS bellow the reviews of your paper.

How Do I Upload A Camera-Ready/Final Version Of My Paper: usually camera-ready manuscripts are uploaded in the system as extra-files, and should be uploaded in the page that shows the paper information. Look in this page for the upload icon .

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