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JEMS TPC Chairs Guide

In general all the scientific events go through the following phases:
paper submission, paper review, rebuttal and discussion, technical program commitee meeting, paper selection, paper publication, and event realization.

General guidelines for chairs:

1.To see the list of submitted papers: Chair->Papers->List papers
2.To register (submit) a paper: Chair->Papers->Submit paper

The following pages provide information for the TPC chairs on the configuration options available in each of this phases:

1.Submission phase
2.Review phase
3.Rebuttal and discussion phase
4.TPC meeting phase
5.Paper selection phase
6.Publication phase
7.Event realization phase

email templates

The variables in the review templates are not real, only examples to display to the chair. When sending the real emails the correct dates are displayed from the configurations.

discussion period

span limit

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