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To select articles, chairs usually look at the list in Chair-> Papers-> List papers, by selecting the "Average review score" in "Fields to show:". When the list is requested it is possible to order the articles by the average of the scores ("Avg." Or "Gavg"), where the articles with a higher average represent the articles with the best "notes" of the reviewers. The averages are calculated using the scores values ​​of the article reviews and weights configured in the review form. Remember that the weights of the review form can be changed even after the revisions have been completed, but the remaining items should not be changed.

Would you like the acceptance message from the paper and tutorials, for example, to be different?

To notify articles of different tracks or categories, you can do the following way:

1 - Mark the accepted and rejected articles, leaving the status of the posters as "active".
2 - Change the accepted / rejected template for the articles.
3 - Notify the authors using the "Chair-> Reviews-> Notify Authors" option.
4 - Then mark the the papers of the other track (eg:posters) as "accepted / rejected" and modify the email template accordingly.
5 - To notify the authors again, being that of this second time only the authors of tutorials will be notified because the system does not notify twice.

Another option would be to use the variables in the email template to indicate if it is "article / poster" but in that case the messages would have to be virtually identical where only one phrase such as "your submission was accepted as $ trackname / $ categoryname" could be used .

How to mark a paper as accepted as a full article or as a poster?

Submitted articles / manuscripts can be sorted by track or by category, Chair-> Configure-> Categories. This is the only way to differentiate submissions.

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