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Paper Publication Phase

Configuring the upload of the camera ready file / final version

* Activate the Sponsorship for the conference:
You can activate the IEEE copyright interface through the option
"Chair->Configure->Basic->Copyright system->IEEE". You will also need
to set up the ArtSource parameter, which can be get with the IEEE.

* Assigning Publication Chairs:
you can set the publication chair in "Chair->People->Publication chairs".

* Setting the visibility of the files to Pubication Chairs and Sessions Chairs

You can set the visibility in "Chair->Configure->Dates->Edit Track->Visibility"

you can select which files will be accessible by the publication chair.

* As A Publication Chair: Downloading All Papers and Metadata

You can also download a zip file containing all the accepted papers and metadata in the main page of the conference, in the option "Publication Chair Options->Download Conference Metadata".

Authors Index, Conference Sessions and Programme are Metadata that can be downloaded.

* Can I Restrict The Upload Of The Camera-ready Version Only For Authors Of Accepted Papers?: n/a.

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